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Intense Laser Interaction with Plasma
Dr. M. Botton-Dascal
3D Particle In Cell (PIC) simulations of ultra short ultra intense laser interaction with plasma. The simulations involve self consistent solution of Maxwell's equations and relativistic equations of motion of macro-particles. The electric and magnetic fields are solved by the finite difference time domain method on a three dimensional grid (several million cells). The equations of motion are solved for the position-momentum of each particle (several million particles).
[ Phys. Rev. Lett., 106 (2011) 134801 ]

G2N2L2O1P5_ea_f10 G2N2L2O1P8_Ex_f7
G2N2L2O1P3_ea_f11 G2N2L2O1P3_ea_f15
G2N2L2O1P5_eab_f6 G2N2L2O1P3_pa_f25
G2N2L2O1P6_eab_f7 G2N2L2O1P8_ea_f6
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